43 Questions to Consider for Your next Corporate Video

Image Copyright Credit:  www.pixabay.com

Image Copyright Credit:  www.pixabay.com


When planning for corporate video proudctions, there's a lot to consider (and forget). One of the first steps I take to flesh out a good client strategy, is holding an initial discovery meeting. This helps me learn about project needs and expectations. It’s the perfect opportunity to listen, take notes, discover the client’s brand, see their location of business, and ask some follow up questions. It also allows the client to share past experiences and express any concerns they might have about the production process.

So what are some things to consider before your next corporate video? Here's a really good list to pull from. Some of these may be more or less applicable to your unique situation. Regardless though, I find them helpful for narrowing down a project scope:

Project Goals

1. What’s your ideal timeline for the video’s completion?

2. Do you have a budget in mind? 

3. What’s the purpose of the video?

4. How will you measure its success?

5. What kind of video do you want?

6. Can you show me anything similar to what you’re wanting?


Target Audience

7. Who is your target audience?

8. What five words best define your target audience?

9. What challenges does your target face?

10. In what context will the viewer be watching?

11. What perception should the audience have before watching versus after watching?

12. How does your product or service help solve your target’s problem? 


Storyline + Key Points

13. What’s the project storyline in one sentence?

14. What key topic or ideas should be conveyed?

15. What five words best define your company and brand?


Campaign Planning

16. Will the video be part of a bigger campaign plan?

17. Will you need to make any future revisions to the video?


Production Needs + Scheduling

18. How many days of production do you think you’ll need? 

19. Will your video be interview driven or b-roll driven?

20. Will you require actors or a polished on camera presenter? 

21. What are your project mandatories for this piece (any logos, taglines, color schemes to consider)?

22. Will you require multiple camera angles? 

23. Will you require location scouting to plan the shoot?

24. What are your audio capture needs? 

25. Will you need any assistance acquiring location permits or coordinating talent? 

26. What are your needs for graphics and/or animation in the video?

27. Who will provide the script?

28. Will this project require any content for inclusion (stock or archival photos, videos, or music)?

29. Are there any other elements that need to be included, and when will they be available? 

30. Are you shooting outdoors? What happens if it rains? Will you need an alternate shoot date?

31. Are there any potential production challenges that you see for this project? 



32. How will the video be channeled or distributed?

33. What’s your intended lifespan for it? How could we extend its use?

34. What potential hold ups could delay the project? 

35. What is your expected duration for the video? 


Past Experiences

36. What has been you experience with video before?

37. What do you not want your video to look like?

38. What types of marketing materials have resonated with your audience previously? 


Communication + Approvals

39. What’s your preferred method of communication? 

40. Who will be the client contact for this project?

41. If multiple executives or teams are involved, who has final approval?



42. Who are your major competitors and how are you different from them?


Getting Started

43. What's your timeline for getting started? 


Let’s face it, it's important to be decisive and think through marketing goals early. Changing a video isn’t as easy as going back to tweak a few paragraphs of copy. It’s crucial to spend some time thinking about your delivery plan. Stick to your needs, and you’ll be set for a positive production experience!