Our Approach

Tell Your Story with Video

Crafting promotional video for businesses and nonprofits is our specialty. We begin by examining your marketing challenge and who it impacts. Here's an example of what we can do with one camera and one videographer. Read more about our 4-step approach below. 



We Meet with You.

We kick off all of our projects by getting to know you and your project demands. Discovering who you are, allows us to build a rock-solid foundation for your projects and ensures that we address your unique challenges. To get the conversation started, we’ll send you one of our video workbooks. This allows us to prepare for our meeting so that we stay focused on your priorities.



We Draft a Production Agreement.

Before we can officially begin crafting your video, we provide each client a production agreement which defines the work, and outlines the project costs. Every video project can have different demands so drafting a production agreement is a normal part of our workflow to make sure both parties are on the same page.




We Craft Your Video.

Now the real fun begins. On the day of our scheduled production shoot, we will capture the video for your project. Most visual stories rely on some kind of audio such as interviews, voiceover, or natural sound so we’ll gather that also. After all filming is completed, we’ll cut and assemble the raw materials of your video story. We’ll put your best cuts in the right order and add the right mix of music and sound to dramatize the narrative. We’ll include your logo and any supplemental footage, graphics, or photos provided by you. We’ll add professional title graphics and send you a video draft to review. 




We Provide Your File.

Upon completion of the project, we convert your video into the appropriate file format and provide it as a download to our clients. If additional support is needed beyond this stage, we can also assist with close captioning, optimizing your video on YouTube, and DVD mastering.