Hefti Media FAQ

+ How can I request a quote?

Fill out a project inquiry and we'll respond within one to two business days. If the project sounds like a good fit, we'll schedule time on the calendar to talk before preparing a proposal.

Hefti Media offers free new client consultations to learn more about your brand and marketing needs. After that we'll present our plan of action, scope and final pricing for the project.

+ Will you match a cheaper quote from another digital marketer?

Perhaps. Ask us if you'd like. In the creative services industry, it can be difficult to compare pricing. You might get a cheaper quote from another creative freelancer, but it may not be an apples-to-apples comparison. We love helping our clients, but usually will not sacrifice the quality of our work to match a cheaper price quote.

+ Will there be formal paper-work?

Yes. Our production agreement is a normal part of our workflow to make sure everyone is on the same page. We also require a number of forms as release and permission documents for actors, musical pieces, location properties, parental consent, artwork, and more.

+ What sets Hefti Media apart?

One thing unique to Hefti Media is its knowledge for assisting Christian organizations, nonprofits, and publishers. Paula Hefti brings six years of experience in multimedia management to the table. She has worked with many LCMS organizations and enjoys assisting churches, schools and other Christian businesses with their special challenges.

+ What are Hefti Media's hours?

Our normal hours are usually 9am - 5:00pm weekdays, but we make ourselves accessible to clients on early morning, nights and weekends for their convenience.

+ What common mistakes should we avoid?

Don't worry too much about this. If you've never done a video before we'll coach you through it. Here are some quick suggestions:

  • Respond to email and meet deadlines. If you don't it can sometimes impact your completion date.
  • Be thorough in reviewing your project. Some projects incorporate a review stage for client approval and feedback. If that's the case for your project, be sure to critically review your content. Proofread titles and fact check. Hefti Media provides one round of editorial feedback during post production of video projects. Additional rounds come at an additional cost. It's to your benefit to be thorough.

Video Production

+ How long does it take to complete a video?

Every project is different, but we typically complete projects within 1-3 months. If your project is simple and straightforward, we'll finish it closer to the one month mark. Our schedule is also a factor, so sometimes we're able to finish projects sooner than normal.

+ What equipment do you use?

We shoot with the Canon 5D Mark IV primarily. We use Adobe products for post production. Our gear offers us great quality. Some projects require rental equipment, and we use a local gear house when it's needed.

+ What will my video project cost?

It can vary. We work with clients who have a range of budgets. Each client's needs are unique. A quick way for us to gage the price range is to send us a video that you like for comparison. After learning more about your needs we can then provide you a customized proposal that outlines the cost of production.

+ We don't have a large budget. Can you help?

We'll certainly try. Depending on your needs, we may have an affordable option. Let's discuss ideas. Either way, we'll do our best to give you constructive advice for completing your project.

+ Is there a cost per minute?

Not exactly. Corporate videos are unique beasts. Many variables impact a video's production value such as the number of shoot days, locations required, camera operators, equipment used, audio capture, graphics, talent, format preference, and more. The amount of preproduction and scripting work required can also impact pricing. Quality videos aren't cheap. It takes a substantial amount of resources and time to make something you'll be proud of.

+ What is your day rate?

On any shoot, we put in a considerable amount of time preparing equipment and transporting gear. Some shoots even require some advanced prep time to be prepared. In most cases, every video shoot is at least a 5 hour commitment minimum at $450 for a lead camera operator to record video, audio, and direct production or $350 for a basic camera operator.

+ Do you offer nonprofit discounts?

We do a lot of nonprofit work and do not offer a nonprofit discount. We believe in pricing our services fairly for all clients and offer great affordable options for nonprofits. Sometimes we can give clients slightly better pricing when they contract with us for large-scale production projects. If we are able to duplicate some usage of production for multiple videos, we can provide clients a better cost savings package in a custom quote.

+ Can we shoot footage for your editing?

Yes. This could impact pricing though. At Hefti Media, we usually tackle both the filming and editing. This allows us to give clients the best price for their entire video project because during video capture, the videographer gains a certain familiarity for the topic and footage. This can save time in post production.

For example, when a videographer shoots several days of footage, there are hundreds of clips to go through. If your videographer happens to also be your editor, he or she can remember the order in which clips were shot and gain context for the edit during production. Clients miss out on these benefits when they book for post production only.

So beware! Shooting the footage yourself isn't always the cheaper option and doesn't always result in the same quality production. Not even the most talented editor can take bad footage and make it look good.

+ Do you collaborate?

Yes! We work with other industry experts. We will collaborate with other St. Louis freelancers and creatives especially if you're in need of web design. If you have someone you'd like to work with to further enhance your marketing campaign, website, or video, just let us know. We're flexible!

+ Who owns the footage you shoot?

Our clients own all the final video projects. Although, we typically reserve the right to use videos we've produced on our portfolio, website, and other promotional channels. Normally we do not turn over the raw footage or native project files because we believe in offering a finished project. If clients want the raw footage, we offer it at a premium additional charge for the file transfer, drive, and mailing costs.

+ What might a corporate video shoot look like?

A 10 hour day could like this:

7:00AM - Gear check & transportation (45 minutes)

7:45AM - Arrive on location and set up (45 minutes)

8:30AM - Shoot first interview (30 minutes)

9:00AM - Shoot b-roll at site 1 (1 hour)

10:00AM - Transport gear to site 2 (30 minutes)

10:30AM - Shoot b-roll at site 2 (1.5 hours)

12:00PM - Lunch (1 hours)

1:00PM - Set up for afternoon interviews (30 minutes)

1:30PM - Shoot second interview (30 minutes)

2:00PM - Shoot third interview (30 minutes)

2:30PM - Shoot fourth interview (1 hour)

3:30PM - Shoot broll with fourth interview (30 minutes)

4:00PM - Shoot location broll and exteriors (30 minutes)

4:30PM - Wrap. Pack up gear. (30 minutes)

5:00PM - Drive back to Hefti Media (45 minutes)

5:45PM - Transport gear inside and transfer footage (15 minutes)

+ What should we do about music for our video?

At Hefti Media, we pull royalty free music from a verity of different stock libraries. Some clients want to use a music track they produced themselves which is fine too. We always request that the client provide a signed release in those cases.

+ Can we use employees in our video or talent?

It depends on the video. Most of the time using employees in your corporate video can provide great authenticity to the storyline. After learning about your project, we can make that suggestion.

If you do select employees to appear on camera, it's crucial that they be willing participants. If they express hesitation, it's always best to find another employee.

+ Where can I shoot my video?

We usually shoot on location at your place of business. Most cooperate videos are shot in business work environments. It's authentic and usually saves on time and money.

+ Will shooting video be disruptive?

Potentially yes. It could be disruptive to your work environment. But . . . it could also be really fun! Video production isn't done at most companies everyday so your employees may find it exciting to take part. Getting employees in on production can be really rewarding and can can reenergize your workforce. Also, sharing the final video after it's finished helps employees take pride in their company and work. If you're concerned about disruptions, we can work around your concerns as much as possible. We can also help you communicate to your employees so that they know what's going on.

+ What if I need to cancel production?

For outdoor shoots, we will allow the client to usually book an additional rain date to substitute production at no additional charge. This gives them an alternate day for filming in case of bad weather.

For other disruptions, we understand that things come up and projects have to be cancelled. Unfortunately due to advanced bookings we are unable to provide a refund for production. However, for package pricing we will not charge the additional 50% paid upon project completion.

+ Does Hefti Media shoot in 4k?

Hefti Media can shoot in 4k. This can really be beneficial for some productions. However, most clients are still choosing 1920 x 1080 HD for web delivery.

Keep in mind that 4k workflows require a lot more processing power and storage. More cards and drive space are needed so we usually have to increase the price for 4k production.

+ What is your editorial policy?

Hefti Media provides one editorial round of changes to our clients. Additional changes beyond this are subject to additional charges.

+ How do we get started?

To get started contact Paula Hefti at paula.hefti@gmail.com and fill out our online video production project inquiry. We suggest that clients give careful thought to their answers. We use this form to budget and produce to your unique needs. After reviewing your needs, we’ll schedule time to meet with you.

We never start work on a project without a signed agreement and a 50% deposit.


+ Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No. We take duplicate images often to be safe. During post production we review the images and choose only the best for our clients.

+ Are the photos enhanced?

Yes. Basic post production is applied to the photos. We will usually adjust exposure, contrast, temperature, and sharpen them.

+ Do you back up our images?

During post production images are backed up with a RAID 1 configuration. Even so, all drives and cards can fail so we make no guarantee with any project. Once the images are completed, we share them with our clients.

Also to clean up our drives, we usually delete projects after 6 months. We do not store them permanently.

Copywriting + Web

+ What copywriting services do you offer?

Paula Hefti has six years of copywriting experience at a midsize publisher. Her past experience as a backpack journalist combined with two Journalism degrees (TV + Radio Broadcasting and Strategic Communications) from the University of Missouri have made her an experienced writer. If you have something in mind, email her at paula.hefti@gmail.com.

+ What web design services do you offer?

We offer website design assistance to small business clients on a squarespace platform.