Special Projects & Coaching

Department Coaching

At Hefti Media, we offer coaching and project support packages. We can step up a simple studio, create a podcast booth, teach telepromting, advise on equipment purchases, or even coach your internal team through their first edit. Our sessions ensure your team's future success.  It’s a great way to recharge a department and bounce questions off a pro. We'll share our checklists, give you pointers for staying organized, and even provide an analysis summary of "next steps" for your team. 

As a newly established creative vender, Hefti Media is still tweaking its offerings so we're always interested in learning more about the needs of our clients. We currently design our sessions to our clients so please contact us!

Setting up shop?

Is your company ready to invest in multimedia? If so, check out this studio project. Paula Hefti is armed with knowledge to help you set up shop for photo and video production. She's done it before and can provide you some worthwhile suggestions if you're starting from scratch. She'll be a resource to offer practical advice to keep your studio flexible and affordable. 

Too much on your team's plate?

Internal marketing teams often face huge seasonal demands that tie up resources and delay campaign launches. When this happens, Hefti Media can be a second hand to your business. We'll step in on a part time basis so that you're not having to cancel necessary campaign plans.